Kaeser offers a complete range of industrial air compressors to meet virtually any compressed air requirements. Kaeser’s proprietary Sigma™ Profile airend produces more air per horsepower, saving you up to 20% in energy costs. A powder-coated sound-dampening enclosure with cabinet pre-filter is standard on most models. Anti-vibration pads eliminate the need for a special foundation and provide quiet, smooth operation.


Kaeser’s rotary screw air compressors
 with belt drive are available from 3 to 30 hp and with flows from 8 to 124 cfm.  Direct drive compressors are available from 25 to 450 hp with flows from 72 to 2015 cfm, providing pressures from 80 to 217 psig. The direct drive airend/motor package is designed to provide the highest efficiency over its entire speed range of 20 to 100%.



Kaeser’s packaged air systems combine our Sigma rotary screw compressors with an integral refrigerated dryer, an appropriately sized receiver, and filtration to provide the required air quality level. These complete, ready-to-use systems put a complete air system in a small space—perfect for small commercial shops or factories, or as a back-up system to keep critical equipment operating.


Booster_N1400-GKaeser Reciprocating Compressors provide a convenient and economical high-pressure air supply for maximum efficiency and flexibility in your industrial air system. We offer reciprocating booster compressors with pressures to 650 psig, as well as a quality line of oil-free compressors. Whether you need to boost your air pressure for a PET bottling or provide instrument quality air for a dental office, Kaeser has the right product for the job. Models come fully packaged including TEFC motor, motor starter, after cooler, pre-filter, and anti-vibration pads. They are also piped, wired, and ready for installation.



Kaeser’s Mobiliair portable screw compressors are designed for rugged use and dependable performance. These powerful units provide a reliable source of compressed air for construction sites and other industry applications such as demolition, sand blasting, sprinkler irrigation and monument engraving. A wide range of models and accessories are available to suit virtually any need.

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