October 7, 2021

In the air compressor business, air is sometimes called the fourth energy source. Air compressors keep your business going and get your company’s products out and services delivered, on time and on budget.

But air compressors aren’t cheap. You’re getting compressors at a premium so you want to ensure that you’re protecting your investment. Protecting that investment is why preventive maintenance is so important.

Best practices for preventive maintenance

In general, you should have your air compressors serviced at least once a year or for every 2,000 – 3, 000 hours of service. In addition, extreme weather conditions – caused during winter and summer – are great times to get your air compressor serviced. Summers in South Carolina can be brutal. But these days, winters aren’t that great either! Cold snaps have been known to shut down cities and cause havoc on companies trying to manufacture goods or keep packages moving. A maintenance technician can help you determine what that cadence is for your facility.

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Routine maintenance typically includes:

  • Fittings and belts tightened and inspected
  • Oil changed
  • Filters changed
  • General inspections
  • Cleaning of all coolers and drains
  • Collection of oil samples for testing
  • Recording amp draw
  • Recording voltage
  • Checking for abnormal vibrations and noise
  • Injection and discharge oil temp
  • Lubricating drive motor bearings

Why preventive maintance?

Maybe people, other than you, at your company need convincing your air compressor needs maintenance. We have a few thoughts that go beyond protecting your investment.

1. Reduce costs on replacing a compressor while increasing efficiency and protecting your investment

When you spend money on an air compressor, you want something that will last. Kaeser, known for quality, is built to power your plant. And typically, plant managers know that type of quality costs.

But even Kaeser air compressors need maintenance. More than that, by checking on your air compressors, you can gain effiency … and reduce further costs on new air compressors. Read what happened to one auto shop that couldn’t keep up with customer demand due to delayed maintenance.

2. Keep your facility running

When you don’t take care of something (a car, appliance, etc.), it breaks. Air compressors aren’t any different. But when air compressors break, your entire facility could completely grind to a halt. That stopping of operations costs your company time and money.

It could even impact your customers. If your plant falls behind, your customers may not get the goods or services they requested from your company. That dissatisfaction may impact future purchasing decisions.

It could also affect labor, sidelining them as you scramble to determine what happened. Depending on your company policies, workers could get paid even though the shop isn’t running. That eats away at profits.

Then there’s the emergency cost from the technician. If the call happens on a weekend or after business hours, most air compressor companies tend to charge more. Although Palmetto Compressors would be happy to help you handle those late night and weekend repairs, we don’t recommend customers wait for that scenario. Besides, our goal is to ensure you’re taken care of. That’s why customers typically choose us.

3. Reduce worker injuries and fines

Air compressors that aren’t maintained can be dangerous, causing serious issues. Those issues vary wildly from hearing damage to killing a worker.

Workers injured on the job file worker’s compensation claims and potentially want to take legal action for lack of maintenance. OSHA has standards for how air compressors are used in facilities, even where they’re used. Violations of those OSHA standards can be expensive; OSHA fines are up to $70,000 per violation.

For safety and concern for the bottom line, companies should maintain their air compressors.

Palmetto Compressors can help your South Carolina business

There are many good reasons to have your air compressors on a maintenance schedule. Palmetto Compressors is in South Carolina helping businesses just like yours for many years. Opeating out of Fountain Inn (near Greenville, SC), our people have an excellent reputation in the state and can handle your preventive maintenance needs … or your emergency air compressor demands. Our goal is ensure your air compressor and facility doesn’t get to a point where it needs emergency work so your plant keeps running.