Kaeser air compressors sc Winter is here! If your compressor is located outside or inside in an unheated area, where the ambient temperature is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you may need to winterize your system.

Below are 5 ways to winterize your compressed air system:

  1.  If the compressor is located outside, you may need to install a weather guard. You can install a roof and sides around the compressor, add an air curtain, or use a cold weather package.
  2. Insulate drains and condensate piping.
  3. Provide a heat source for the compressor. You want to make sure the oil temperature stays at least 40 degrees. (No open flame heaters!)
  4. Always check oil level, and add more if needed. (This is a good tip for anytime.)
  5. Make sure you are using the proper oil type for the compressor.

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Photo credit: Jill Schad via Compfight